Carona Virus

by Jas Khunkhun

This Carona virus situation will pass and life will go on as usual.  I remember so many crisis situations of the past.

I am concerned about how this will affect peoples  lives  going forward.   Will more and more people  work at home ? ..will people go out less and have things delivered to their homes ? 

How will this affect real estate in Kelowna BC ?   So here are my thoughts:

1.  This Virus may actually  increase real estate prices down the road because some people abroad will want a safe haven like Canada and the USA. (better medical system and cleaner environment, for example).

2.  Lower interest announcement by the Bank of Canada...Lowest in history I think will allow major corporations to reinvest back into Canada = more job creation = better real estate market.  

3.  There are countries that  report that their new  cases of  Carona Virus has dropped or even come to a stall.  The  Bell Curve from South Korea and China shows this is a two month phenomona.

4.  A Vacine is coming in about 12 months or SOONER. With the power of the USA and Canada and the world concentrating on this issue, VACINE may come very soon. DNA of the virus is already identified by Candian scientists.

5.  The Virus is similar to the flu but much more contagious and much more deadly to the elderly (70 plus)..  

6.  Bank of Canada rate drop follows the USA decisions.   Bank of Canada always drops the rate when USA federal bank does.  

Summary:  This new pandemic will pass and life will return to normal..


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