List my Kelowna House in December?

by Jas Khunkhun

Yes, its true for sure, spring time is the hottest season in real estate sales.  Sales are usually higher May to about August of each year, and slower September to April .  But you should not use the sales activity chart as a guide to deciding when to sell.

I believe its the product your selling and how well its presented that will over rule the general statement above.   Here is another way to look at it, do you want more competition (sell in July ) or less (sell in December ) ? Consider this:

  • Someone looking to buy or sell in December must be a serious.
  • An offer in December will be seriously considered by the seller
  • What a great opportunity for everyone !


Its really not about the time of the year if your selling.  Its your product and how you present it.  If your listing in December consider appealling to the human senses.


  • Make a pot of coffee & bake some cookies before a showing…or try some cinnamon sticks in a boiling pot of water with cloves…make the place smell good


  • Decorate your house in warm christmas way
  • Make sure your home is super clean .  One dirty toilet, deal dead.
  • Fix those little dings and holes.  Do some painting !
  • Buy christmas lights for the outside of the house.  A $50 dollar investment can make an old house look amazing at night.


  • Have nice relaxing music  playing in the back ground.  Fix those noisy washroom fans, replace them with quite ones.  If there is a busy street, close the windows.


  • Buy awsome inexpensive decorative items that draws peoples attention.
  • Make sure the beds have clean, maybee new bed sheets
  • Buy new towels for all the washrooms (decorative)
  • Buy candles & area rugs

But the single most important thing, hire a good realtor.  If they are gone skiing all your efforts will be worthless.

Its probably why almost all my business is word of mouth.  Cell  250 317 3253.  Call me if you have any questions.

Jas Khunkhun Experience = Results

My family has been living in Kelowna since the 1980’s.

This is really important for you as a buyer when selecting the various neighborhoods in Kelowna or the amenities they provide nearby; as a seller it is equally important to make sure you're getting the best price for your home.

I have done just about every real estate deal possible with Kelowna real estate alongside my clients. Majority of my clients are home buyers.  But I also have helped my clients to purchase  rental properties,  commercial land and buildings, farms and even helped clients with purchasing rent to own properties.   I have lots of experience in new home construction as well. I now enjoy helping my clients with all of their real estate needs.

I speak English and Punjabi fluently.  My team is multi-lingual and have members that also speak Hindi and Mandarin .