Selling Your Home Fast !

by Jas Khunkhun

Its all about Marketing & Presentation.

No matter what, it come down to how well the house is in the price range.  Your presentation & marketing matter the most.  I drive by car dealerships and most days in the morning, they have young kids washing the cars on the lot.  When you go to test drive one of those cars, the salesman will get the car for you and likely in the summer time turn on the air conditioning and start the music as well before you get in for the test drive.  What a great introduction to the car !

Same goes for a house, you got to think of selling it, whats the best you can do to present your house ?.  So here are the steps to sell your home fast:

1. Find a GOOD REALTOR.  Easy said than done.  Do they have a good website presence ?  It shows they are dedicated to their craft.  Have the selected realtor tell you what your home may sell for by getting them to do a market analysis.  Did the realtor return your call promptly ? If they took their time returning your call, be careful.  It shows either they are disorganized or not focused on selling your home.  Are they honest and ethical ? Dont be lured by realtors that advertise “sold your home in 29 days or I buy it ”

2. Make sure you dont over price your home.  Be realistic.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

3.  List on the MLS.  This gives your home the BEST exposure better than any advertising you could do on your own.  Go onto MLS.CA and check to see how your realtor posted your home.

4. Make sure the realtor has a “FEATURE SHEET ” for your home.  If their too lazy to provide one, fire him or her.  Its important for buyers to see all the characteristics of your home and they can take it home with them.  I see so many realtors not taking the time to do feature sheets or even post enough pictures on the MLS.

5. Get rid of all the JUNK.  Get an outside opinion if needed.

6.  CLEAN UP.  Clean up.  Clean up.  Clean the dirty laundry, make sure dog is tied up, no cats in closed rooms.

7. STAGE YOU HOME.  This means, organize your home.  It could be simple little things, like decorative items on fireplace mantle, or moving things away from large windows so view is not obstructed.      If you can afford it, get a professional to come in and help out.

8.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS count a lot.  When someone walks up to your house is your lawn cut ? are the stairs solid ? are there stain marks on the driveway ? Is the grass green ? It shows a lot about the home owner and how well they kept the home over the years.

Dont hesitate to call, text or email  me with any questions you may have.  Jas Khunkhun Cell 250 317 3253.  Almost all my business is by word of mouth & exceptional internet presence.

Jas Khunkhun Experience = Results

My family has been living in Kelowna since the 1980’s.

This is really important for you as a buyer when selecting the various neighborhoods in Kelowna or the amenities they provide nearby; as a seller it is equally important to make sure you're getting the best price for your home.

I have done just about every real estate deal possible with Kelowna real estate alongside my clients. Majority of my clients are home buyers.  But I also have helped my clients to purchase  rental properties,  commercial land and buildings, farms and even helped clients with purchasing rent to own properties.   I have lots of experience in new home construction as well. I now enjoy helping my clients with all of their real estate needs.

I speak English and Punjabi fluently.  My team is multi-lingual and have members that also speak Hindi and Mandarin .